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Hi, my name is Dominik and I plan, design, create, redesign and host beautiful, affordable and high quality websites. My specialties are lightweight profile pages, portfolio pages, online business cards, blogs and complex websites using Wordpress and Joomla, that is my specialty.

How I do that?

Designing and building beautiful and affordable websites.

I use existing and well tested templates with rich features and redesign and adapt them individually according to your needs.

Let's plan

Finding out what a client wants is the first and most important step. A new structure for an existing website or content? Setting up a completly new site? Finding out what a client needs is where the fun starts for me.

Affordable prices

You don't need to rob a bank for a professional website. Take this website for example - to make it your own (new colors, pictures, text, icons) we can start as low as 99EUR! But a lot more is possible.

Finishing on time

I am a writer, and a nerd, and I used to be a quality manager. In all my jobs I needed to have strong project management skills. Above that - I hate to fall behind a plan. You can count on that.

Finished project and happy clients...

See for yourself and visit the existing websites if you like.

Endless Summer

Change an redesign existing Blog
from Joomla to Wordpress


Portfolio and Business Page - Communication Agency


Personal Website
Blog (Joomla, uncontinued)

Your Website

...this could be your project...
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Getting in touch!

I am a nice person, just saying.